Pulling on the rope

Pulling on the Rope

“Pulling on the Rope” tells the story of a young woman struggling with her feelings. Performed by dancers Jori Meijer and Mayke van Veldhuizen.

Jori Meijer is a performing artist and dancer based in Amsterdam, and initiator of Music in Motion. In her work she explores the boundaries of singing, dancing, music and sound. Jori is thrilled by the endless possibilities for creative expression offered by these forms of art.

Directed by: Paul Maarten Vis & Jori Meijer
Production Company: Bizon Filmproducties. www.bizonfilm.nl
Music & Lyrics: Jori Meijer
Choreography: Jori Meijer
Camera Operators: Paul Maarten Vis & Martijn Oude Grave
Editor: Paul Maarten Vis
Colorist: Paul Maarten Vis
Mixing & Mastering: Yanai Bónomo
Set Photographer: Martijn de Clercq